You are welcome. Feel at home

Breath in the words. Don’t let them out. Keep it close to the heart.

Am a young African who knows what words can do. My dream is to make my words change the world one day.

  • My first true love
    From nowhere He brought me somewhere Known to be earth His breath in me Made me someone He gave and showed me who he is Love,love,love I know it is not a mere repetition He is three in one His concepts ,scientists can’t explain His beauty,pageantry has not discovered He who in his vow promisesContinue reading “My first true love”
  • Speculated it is love
    Not like Hollywood,I didn’t spill coffee on your shirtNor did my things fall when u bumped into me When I had a glance at youYou became my crushRushing as they all left my mindYou didn’tDreaming of you at nightsSeeing your holograms around me Certain scenes in my mind I wish we could actJust wish ourContinue reading “Speculated it is love”
  • The whole story
    So normally I remember how I became friends with ppl but our friendship I think I deleted the log My heart doesn’t make ppl come close but guess u broke the records Though u always get me on my nervesReading our fights is more nice and funny than comedy showsAbove allYou help me when IContinue reading “The whole story”
  • Acceptance is the key
    Gender is quite a troublesome six lettered word.Many people have abandoned their dreams for other dreams sake of gender. Being a female or a male has also been a big issue. But the question is it actually suppose to create problems? Let us take this example if you want to keep clothes in your wardrobeContinue reading “Acceptance is the key”